Angel Card Readings Questions & Answers


What is an Angel Card Reading?


For over 20 years I have been receiving Devine Guidance from Spirit. It comes to me in many ways, and it is always useful and healing for people. I use Angel Cards to direct the energies towards what the person is dealing with and needing at the time of the reading. I do anywhere from 15 minutes onward, and I have had some people want readings for a few hours. I am here to help you with whatever you are experiencing.


The Angels have told me that it is useful and empowering for you to think about what you are wanting from the readings, that you become engaged with them. Many people find that having questions and writing down the information is useful.

The guidance is always uplifting, even when you are personally feeling very heavy about your experience.  They give hope and solutions, are kind, loving and supportive and only want you to be happy. The Angels are your Angles that you are needing at the time and they can change when you change and grow.


How is an Angel Card Reading different from Tarot Cards?


Tarot cards can be very threatening and scary to many people, especially people who are going through an emotional event and not feeling their best. The Angel Readings are always positive and supportive and empowering. The Angels would never say that “you are vibrating at a low energy” or “you need to move out”. They gently encourage you to feel powerful about yourself and lifeʼs situations. They are very compassionate and would not compare you to others or tell you that you need to do something. They will provide information that helps you make empowering decisions for yourself. When others make decisions for you, that disempowers your own sense of things. They want you to learn to sense for yourself and not become dependent on someone elseʼs perceptions.


What can I expect?


You can expect to feel uplifted and having options. You will feel empowered to take your next steps in life and move forward. You will also receive information that will assist you in whatever you are dealing with.  I have also been an Energy Medicine Practitiioner for over 20 years, and I am particularly gifted in this area.  I can assist your Angels and Guides in moving energy for you related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.  The combination of Information and Energy is very helpful to people.I have an M.S. in Counseling and can assist you with further help and/or Life Coaching if you desire.