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About Joanne Healey

Influential contemporary artist, Joanne Healey, has shown her work both internationally and throughout the United States.  She has always been an artist, sketching from an early age. Throughout her childhood, her Dad would hang her art in a special place on the wall.  Although she pursued academic degrees in Biology and Counseling, her heart was always with art, and at every opportunity she attended classes and workshops to learn the skills necessary to develop as an artist.


In 1995 Joanne decided to devote herself full time to her art and began producing Mixed Media Visionary Art with many mystical images of the Divine Feminine. The more you look at the colors and textures, the more they will resonate inside of you, and you will start to feel and vibrate to them, which creates a gradual process of healing. Edgar Cayce, the great psychic and visionary, stated that the medicine of the future will be color and sound.  

Looking deeply into these paintings, they reveal messages of healing, and contain images of both personal and universal themes. Joanne’s paintings have the affect of stimulating creativity, imagination, and awakeing conscousness, as well as replacing old patterns of color and sound with new ones.  There are many spiritual messages encoded within.  Her Artwork can be interpreted in so many ways, and each viewer forms a personal connection to her work and comes to find their own meaning consciously or unconsciously.


John Russell states that "Color is energy made visable". Joanne's artwork is created with the intention of producing a healing affect on consciousness so you can enjoy your journey. Her passion is to share with society the art that she loves. Her artwork is offered to provide beautiful and healing inspired prints for your business or home. It has been her dream to have her work in public places, such as medical buildings and hospitals, where people can view art daily.


According to Jonathan Fineberg, the latest brain research suggests that art makes us rethink who we are and how we organize information in our brain. It allows us to see things in a different way therefore rewiring the brain and changes our worldview. Whatever feelings it brings up creates an ever changing and expanding network inside the brain so that you grow.  Science says that art will make your kids better thinkers and nicer people.


You cannot replace or create how a painting makes you feel.  Many are aware of the healing capacity of artwork. Hospitals and other business centers are utilizing art to create a feeling in their public spaces to help put clients, customers, and the general public at ease in the in-between space of this fast paced world.  Art can provide an immediate respite from the information overload we are all dealing with today.


Joanne's artwork is inspired by the Divine Feminine and the dream state and she believes in the power of manifestation through art and art as prayer. Her intuitive artwork has often been compared to the symbolist painters, Gustav Klimt and Romare Bearden. An important part of her process is Freedom, and that primarily means freedom from the fear of making mistakes. Mixed Media lends itself readily to "do overs" and she often finds herself experimenting with her fear of mistakes and not holding back from making mistakes and redoing if necessary. Her artwork has been shown Internationally and is in private collections throughout the United States and Europe.


Joanne is ususally found in her art studio and is also an Integrative Health Advisor utilizing the tools of Meditation, Yoga, EFT tapping, Creative Visualization, Art Therapy, Health and Wellness Care, and Angel Psychic Guidance in her Readings and her Coaching.  "Radiate Light in all you do".

Thanks for supporting the visions of artist, Joanne Healey.




Master of Science Counseling
Bachelor of Science in Biology

Certified Yoga Instructor

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Lifetime Student of Art, Health & Consciousness


Mixed Media
Teach Classes

Attended Boca Raton Museum Academy of Art

Exhibited in Oregon, California, Florida, Hawaii, New Zealand, China, Pennsylvania, North Carolina



Support Groups
Health and Wellness

Board Member of Honolulu Biennial


Energy Medicine Techniques of:
Donna Eden
Reiki Master

Yogic Healing
Barbara Brennan
Giqong Healing

Rosyln Bruyere

Angel Card Reader
Shen Emotional Healing
Gifted Intuitive and Healer since childhood

Life Coaching Specialist & Health Advocate



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