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Prices and Purchases


Are you an Art Collector or want to become one?


                        Museum Quality Archival Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.  

To ensure the highest standards in Limited Edition Prints, Joanne has extensively researched and selected the finest Museum Quality Printer and materials.  Each print is personalized, inspected, hand signed,  numbered and slightly embellished.  In addition, Joanne has elected to help maintain the value of these Limited Edition prints by creating small reserved editions of 100.  All prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity also hand signed and numbered by the artist.  The prints are “gallery wrapped” 1.5” to 2” deep, lightweight and look wonderful  hung “as is” or framed. The depth of the gallery wrapped print allows you to have an expensive looking piece of artwork without the additional cost of a frame.  Many people feel that the larger sizes  bring to life the feeling and meaning within and create a dynamic interaction with the Artwork.


This process ensures that your print is the highest quality First Edition and standards and is truly almost indistinguishable from the original artwork.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.   A portion of the proceeds is donated to various reputable charities for women, children and world peace.  

Artsy article on:  What to know when buying Limited Edition Prints

                         To order, call or email:    (941) 773-7220 or


The 2014 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report states that, "89.5% of online buyers said that the art works they bought had arrived on time, and 95% said the works that they purchased arrived as described".  All artwork copyright Joanne Healey, all rights reserved.  Art never outlives its usefulness and only gets better with time.


I would be happy to discuss with you your needs and I am able to  provide you with special purchases of Museum Quality Limited Edition Prints in whatever size and budget you are working with, and with a quick turn around time.   It has been my dream to have my artwork in public places where it can be viewed by people daily.  In  particular medical and hospital facilities, as it is my belief that  art is healing and much of my artwork was produced during a time that I was recovering from an illness.




Custom Sizes Available with Special Order.


SIZES (unframed; watercolor paper or canvas)



Using my artwork for Websites:  I offer that you can use my image free on the condition that you site the following:   Art by Joanne Healey,, and that you present the image "as is", not altered in any way except size. You many contact me to discuss options. I appreciate that you want to share my artwork with your community.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


"I love your work, which is extraordinary.  It appears most of your work is a collage style of art work, which reminds me of Romare Bearden, but much more developed, complex with painting overlays."  Jane Dittmer, Artist, Collector

"I am so impressed with your work.  I never thought Energy Medicine could be in a painting, yet that is how I feel when I view your artwork.  It just heals me and inspires me and provides me with energy.  Just like when I work on clients.  I have your work in my healing room so that others can feel the energy that radiates from your artwork.  I am so thankful I found artwork that could do this! You are Amazing!!!"  Linda Forthright, Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Collector.


"I  just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful, inspiring artwork - I was in Mission Beach on holiday in October."  Nicola from New Zealand


"Your abstract creative style is something I have wanted to explore but can't seem to get my mind wrapped around that style and am envious of those ,like you, who can train their minds to do so. " David McIntyre, Artist and Collector.

" I just looked up your website and your art is stunning! " Liron Sissman, Author, Artist, Collector.


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