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Fine Art Prints


If you have reservations about ordering online


"According to the Hiscox 2014 Online Art Trade Report, 89.5% of online buyers said that the art works they bought had arrived on time, and 95% said the works they have purchased arrived as described." 

Original First Edition Fine Art Prints


All of my prints are Museum Quality Original Fine Art Prints, which means that I created the artwork, with or without the assistance of a printer.

I decide on the final image created and the method of creating each piece. I also sign each print.


Limited Editions


A Limited Edition Original Fine Art Print is considered to be a work of art and tends to increase and verify the value of the artwork purchased. All purchasers of Limited Editions are recorded in a database for verification in case of theft or fraud.

Many states now regulate the documentation and disclosure of limited editions. A limited edition should include the quantity of signed and numbered prints, total quantity of prints in the edition, including all proofs of the artist, printer, gallery or museum, and any other editions created.


Certificate of Authenticity


This is the written description of the Original Fine Art Print, which includes information such as the title of the artwork, the artist, the media used, the year of publication, the size of the print, specific inks used, the specific paper or canvas used, the number in the limited edition sequence, the name and contact information of the printer, and the artist name and contact information. The certificate also ensures that the artist has inspected the print to ensure that it has the feel and the essence of the original artwork. The Certificate of Authenticity is essential to the value of the artwork and should be maintained in a safe place in a separate location from the Original Fine Art Print.


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